Life is Amazing!

WOW! Life is amazing! What do you want in life? I want to be a blessing to as many people as I can. My name is Malissa Van Zee. I am a servant to Jesus Christ, wife to Doug, homeschooling mom to Mary, Caleb, Ashley and Chris. I love reading books, even though I do have a kindle, I love learning new things, talking to new people and making new friends. I work from home with an incredible nutritional company who has Chuck & Gena Norris as our spokeman. I am blessed to be mentored by Dr. Reggie Cochran who is an amazing friend and teacher. I have yet to meet him face to face, but he has spent hours teaching me how to live the life I want. One of the best things that Reggie has taught me is that to live the life you want you need to always be learning. So that is something I’m always doing. I have done some different blogs over the past few years. I am starting this one become I want to become a better blogger. Image


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