Setting Goals

I have as a mentor an amazing friend named Dr. Reggie Cochran. One of the many things that he has worked with me on is learning how to set goals. Setting goals is an absolute must no matter what you do for a living. A very simple way of making a goal is in this equasion: what do you want plus putting a date to it is a goal. But there is a little more to it than that. You do have to know what you want and you do have to put a date to it, but you also have to determine what needs to happen in order to make that goal happen. For example, one thing I want to do is go on a vacation next year that  my company does for it top people every year. This year they are in the Dominican Republic. Reggie is there on that vacation right now. In order to make this happen I have specific things that need to happen. I need to reach a set number of points on a monthly basis and develop some leaders in the process of it. Many of the things we all do in life is based on setting goals, then determining what needs to happen for that goal to become a reality. Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to become a stay at home parent? No matter what the goal is you have to start there. Then determine what needs to happen for that to happen. From there decide when you want this to happen by. That will be your date. In my business, everyday I have to work on setting smaller goals so that I can know what I have to do next to reach my first major goal. Along the way I have MANY smaller goals to reach. I have to reach out to people every day. Plus I have to learn constantly what it takes to be a leader. Your goal may be similar to mine or it may be drastically different. No matter what the goal is you will have to do things everyday to make it a reality. You can think of it this way using my example,  I’m using my big dream as an example. But you can substitute any big dream in its place.

Vacation in May 2015

  1. Begin to develop 2 leaders using tools available 
  2. Build my business to 4 leaders 
  3. Build to 6 leaders
  4. Build to 8 leaders

For my company building leaders is how you become successful and earn the amazing trip that I am working toward. I realze that I have not said what company I’m working with and that is on purpose. My purpose on this blog is to talk about what I’m learning and reteach it. Someone once said that if you can teach something then you have mastered it. So on this blog, I am attempting to do just that. If  you would like to know what I do at any point, leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will be glad to talk to you and see if we can be a good fit. If I can ever help you on setting goals of your own, let me know. I’ll be glad to help. You can also contact me via Facebook. I am listed as Malissa Elkins Van Zee. God bless you beyond your wildest dreams! 



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