Working Hard or Working Smart?

This is from a note I did on Facebook a couple of months ago back in March, but I thought it was a good one to post here. Many of us are working hard. But does being busy mean you are working smart? Since last summer I’ve been working with some incredibly successful people. One thing I have noticed is that while they work incredibly hard, they also work very smart! They schedule their days to include time for what they have to do but they also allow for time to have fun! By doing that, they are working smart.  George Monbiot said  “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.”   So, with that being said, what does working smart look like? We all have 24 hours in a day. What we do with those 24 hours will determine what level of success you achieve. We have to sleep 8 hours a day. Plus we have to eat and have time for personal care. Those two activities take up 10-11 hours a day. That still leaves 13-14 hours a day. What we do during those hours will determine your success. I homeschool my kids. But my kids are at an age that for the most part they do most of their schoolwork independently. This is the first year I can say that. Prior to that I was spending time working on reading skills, math skills, and other academic areas. As I sit here writing this Chris is reading, Mary is doing research on the computer, Caleb is helping Mary and Ashley is doing schoolwork in her room. People go to work everyday and work 40 hours a week or more for 40 to 50 years. Then they retire and many times have to go back to because the money runs out. I figured out that working 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year for 40 years comes out to working 80,000 hours. So with that said, why do so many people have to return to work after “retiring?” But yet there are others who are retiring and just enjoying life. What is the difference? Simple! They are working hard and working smart! A chart I came across explains how you can have income even after you retire. It is called “residual income.” Here is the chart:Image

So if you have this type of income, you will be able to truly retire. How soon do you want to retire from your current job? If you use your time wisely you can do it completly in two to five years. But to do this you need to have a way to develop long term residual income. If you were to have this what would your life look like? What could you do? If you had 40 hours a week to spend anyway you want, what would you do? For me, I will travel to see places I have only read about. Places like Israel, Australia, England, and Ireland. I will also be able to “drop in” to see my brother who lives 15 hours from me. I will go visit friends in Florida and Texas just because. And go to the Holyland Experience in Orlando. Plus I’ll go hang out with a friend who owns a bed and breakfast in Ontario, Canada (you can see her place at this link: Who wouldn’t want a life like this? I do and I’m going for it! Does this mean that everyone I know supports me and realizes I’m making this happen? Not by a long shot! But I am determined to do this. I am also planning to learn to fly and own my own plane. It will be a 15 passenger plane that I can easily travel anywhere to whenever I want to. So for right now, I am working hard, but I am also working smart. Just something to think about. God bless you.

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