How bad do you want it?



How bad do you want your dreams to become a  reality? Are you willing to do what it takes? To go after your dreams may be easier than you think! Over the past few months I have been learning from Dr. Reggie Cochran, who is one of the best friends I’ve ever had and my mentor as well. One of the things he has taught me is that if you really want your dreams to become a reality is you have to see it done in your mind before you can ever make them a reality. With the health & nutritional company I work with I am making my dreams a reality. I am working hard to see my dreams become a reality. One of the things that Reggie has taught me is to do something called visualization. With this exercise you are essentially daydreaming. But you go further than just dreaming. For example, maybe you want to visit Australia. So what you will do is imagine what will you see when you visit it. Do you want to see the Sydney Opera House? You imagine yourself in it. What will you hear? What will you see? Get as specific as you can! Another thing you can do is make a dream board. This is an extremely simple project to do. Simply take a piece of posterboard and take pictures from a magazine that put a picture to what you want in your dreams. And you simply glue it on. You can also go after your dreams by deciding what you want to do and then starting from what you want work backward to decide what it will take to make it a reality. This technique works incredibly well for dreams that are harder to put a picture to. Such as being a blessing to other people. I have learned that these are actually some of the best dreams you can have! Recently I told Reggie that my “why” for the company I work with is that I want to be a blessing to as many people as I can. The reason behind this is simple. Many people over the years have blessed me and never asked for anything in return. So now I want to pay them back by blessing others. Praying that God blesses you as you put the steps in motion to make your dreams a reality. Image




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