Not Quitting

John Piper said “Darkness comes. In the middle of it, the future looks blank. The temptation to quit is huge. Don’t. You are in good company… You will argue with yourself that there is no way forward. But with God, nothing is impossible. He has more ropes and ladders and tunnels out of pits than you can conceive. Wait. Pray without ceasing. Hope.” Quitting isn’t an option for me. There are projects that I started to soon that I’ve had to put on hold. And that is fine. Just because something that gets put on hold for a while doesn’t mean you’ve quit. Yesterday Dr. Reggie Cochran, who is my mentor and so much more, told me an acronym that is worth repeating:


He told me this in the context that I was very overwhelmed because I was beginning to take on to much. So I’m doing what he said. I’m cutting back and only focusing on two things that I can manage. If I have some free time I can, and probably will, work on this other project. But it is not a priority right now. So, are you doing what you need to be doing? Are you taking on to much? Getting burned out is not worth it. But quitting should not be an option either. Pick what is important to you. Then write that down. Own what is important to you! If you want to be successful you have to FOCUS! God bless you. Until next time.


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