Are you ready?

This morning I was reading in the bible Joshua chapter 3. Verse 5 caught my attention. It says “Joshua said to the people: Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”  If you were told to get ready to move in 24 hours, could you be ready? What would you need to do? For me, I’m not sure I could be ready. In fact, I know I couldn’t be. Not without some help! But that is where God comes in. As I was reading in that chapter this morning Joshua was the leader and had been told that the Lord was going to do a miracle the next day. As I read that chapter I learn that the Jordan River was at flood stage when this happens. But we also learn that the priests go first into the river. That is what Jesus does. And if we allow Him to Jesus will go first for us in our lives. That includes our businesses! WOW! You may be facing a flood in your life. But if you give Jesus first place in your life, then He will go into the flood for you. What an amazing priest! Just something to think about.


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