Affirmations for Health

This is repost from Dr. Reggie Cochran, one of the best friends I’ve ever had!

My Body Heals Quickly And Easily!

I am constantly amazed by the ability of my body to heal itself.
I feel fortunate to have such great healing abilities.
Though I visit the doctor when necessary, my body is usually able to repair itself.
I give my body what it requires to be healthy and I am rewarded with great health.
I can sense what my body needs for healing.
I respond quickly to provide those requirements.
I understand that I play a major role in my healing and wellness.
I support my body’s efforts to heal by getting the proper amount of rest.
When I am particularly tired or have a challenging injury, I give my body the extra rest it requires.
I strive to only eat healthy foods and give my body the exercise it craves, as these actions also contribute to healing and repair.
When I do become ill, I recover very quickly.
Illness is rarely a part of my life.
I am accustomed to great health and a body that heals quickly and easily.
I am truly blessed.
Today, I enjoy great health.
I appreciate my body’s ability to regenerate quickly and repair injuries and illnesses.
I help my body in the best ways I can by adjusting my lifestyle to support its needs.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I provide my body with the proper nutrition and rest it needs to heal quickly?
2. How do I support my body’s needs?
3. What can I do to ensure I heal easier and more quickly in the future?
Best of health, wealth & happiness to you, Reggie Cochran

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