Lessons from Kids

When I look at my kids I see the future. I also learn a lot. They are a blessing! They are behind every dream I have. They are the reasons for my goals. Recently a friend of mine has began to help me take my health back in a huge way. His name is Dr. Luis Fuentes. He is the Medical Director of Health Med Plus in Miami, Florida. Luis is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. If you are in his area I strongly recommend you go see him. He is so caring and unbelievably smart! But to me, he is simply my friend. Something I am incredibly thankful for. What can we learn from kids? We learn that it is okay to have fun! Healthy kids do have fun. But healthy kids are also learning new things. Something we should all be doing. Healthy kids spend time with friends and family. They have balance in their lives. So how many of us are doing that? Do we have balance in our lives? Do we go to church or something along those lines? Are we getting out and having fun? For a few days recently I spent some time tracking what I did with my time. And I realized something: I don’t have balance as well as I should! So now I’m working on changing that. Luis is helping me. I still have Reggie Cochran working with me. The one thing they are both working with me on is getting healthier than I’ve ever been. And slowly it is coming together. And they are doing it by teaching me to work hard, work smart and have balance! Luis said something the other day on Facebook that is worth repeating when it comes to healthcare. “The biggest problem these days is everyone is selling natural products as if they were drugs. All of them work better if a patient addresses the basics of health. Proper nutrition, peace with God, and the treatment of the physical “machine” the body, by a qualified practitioner such a chiropractor or related.” If we think about it, don’t we teach our kids this, or shouldn’t we? If we are addressing the basics then some if not most of the medical problems we have would very possibly go away, or at least be reduced. We need to be eating healthy. We need to have peace with God and if we have that then we will have peace in all the other areas as well. Finally we need to treat our bodies well. How do we do that? Eating right is certainly part of it. But there is more to it than that. 3 John 1: 2 says “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” The bible says clearly that God wants us to prosper in our health as much as our soul. So the choice is all of ours. We need to be living a healthy, balanced life. Something that we expect kids to do. If we expect that from kids, shouldn’t we expect it out of ourselves too? And look at what happens when we don’t. We get sick. Sometimes it costs people their lives. People die from heart attacks, suicide, cancer, and many other things. All to often these situations come about from unhealthy lives in general. To much stress. Not eating healthy. Not having a time to rest. Now, we all know that life can get crazy at times. But how we handle that can be done. And it is something I’m still learning. Something I’ve been learning is get some exercise, going for a walk is great for that, if your doctor approves. Another option is to listen to some relaxing music. You can find some on YouTube. Or you can talk to a friend. There are ways to address stress in our lives is the bottom line. I’ve also learned from experience is to set goals and then come up with a plan to make them a reality. Dreaming big is a great way to come up with goals. If you think about it, dreaming big is no harder than dreaming small. Reggie & I talked about this recently. You can set the goal of becoming a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, or you can set the goal of becoming a World Class Black Belt. Both are goals and great ones at that. But which is going to be more worthwhile? Bottom line: set your goal and go for it! Until next time… God bless you!


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