Chicken or the Eagle

This is from a sermon I heard this morning at a small church in northern Iowa.  A farmer was out and found an egg from an eagle that had been abandoned. He carefully gathered the egg and took it back to his farm and put it with the chicken eggs. Over time the egg hatched and grew up. As more time passed the eagle grew to an old age. Believing the entire time that he was a chicken since he was raised by chickens. A day came that the eagle saw another eagle in the sky soaring over all of them and wished he could be up flying with it. But another chicken told him that he was a chicken and couldn’t be an eagle. So he spent the remainder of his days believing he was a chicken. So the question for you, do you see yourself as a chicken? Or are you going to believe instead that you are an Eagle and learn to fly? The choice is yours. Something to think about today.


Eagle soaring


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