From Death to Life

My life is turning around. In today’s blog I’m going to tell you where I was at and how I’ve gotten to where I am now. Now, my story is not typical. But no story is. We all have our own story. Last month I celebrated my twentieth anniversary to Doug. Plus, I am a mom to 4 incredible kids! Life has been a roller coaster for many years primarily due to my two oldest kids having been diagnosed with high functioning autism. Plus when the two younger kids were younger they had developmental delays, which they have since outgrown. My husband battles weight issues and I battled weight issues as well. It was very easy to battle weight problems as complicated as my life was! After all, I was on the go constantly! Four or five days a week I was taking the kids to therapy. Plus I was homeschooling all four kids. My marriage was stressed out. Money was tight. And we battled many other issues as well. It led to me being completely stressed out! It came out in the fact that I was sick frequently. Energy was non-existent. It was all I could do to simply do the extreme basics in my life. I was physically hurting. My patience was non-existent. I got to the point that I couldn’t do anything! Literally! So in November of 2011 I sat down on the edge of my bed and literally cried! I have no idea how long I was crying, BUT, I do know it was a long time! I cried out to God! And literally pleaded with God to either take me Home to Jesus or help me get better. I felt in my heart that I needed to start following Dr. Don Colbert. So I got on Facebook and started following him. Over time I began to read his books Stress Less, Living in Divine Health, and MANY other books by him. As I write this, I am waiting on another book by him called Reversing Inflammation. The books that he writes, I not only read, I devour! By not only reading these books. but also by doing what they teach I am turning my life around. Doing things such as eating healthier, exercising, taking some key supplements, and choosing to limit stress in my life I am getting better! Praise God! If you want to know how to deal with stress, I strongly recommend you get the book Stress Less by Dr. Don Colbert. It is  great!

I have had to learn how to cope with stress. I have had to learn how to eat right. I have had to learn what supplements to take. And I have had to learn how to exercise. There is a common denominator to EVERYTHING I’m doing. God! Jesus holds the keys to all of it! Cry out to Him! And then DO what you feel you need to do! Until next time…


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