The Importance of Appreciation


Yesterday on Facebook my friend Larry Lowe started something that is worth talking about. It is called Random Appreciation Post R.A.P. In this, you tag a person and tell what you appreciate about them. Yesterday I did Reggie Cochran. Today I tagged my mom. Two of the most amazing people I know! Who knows who I will tag tomorrow. I have a couple of people in mind already! The idea is you let people know publically how important they are to you! Last post I talked about the power of words and how we should speak life. This is one way of speaking life! Letting people know publically how much you appreciate them is so life giving! I would love to see this idea go viral! And not just in Max! Just so you know who Larry is, he is a new friend of mine. But he is also the Vice President of Marketing for Max International. Larry Lowe, I really love this idea! Well done!!!


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Appreciation

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  2. Thank you so much. I believe in empathy first and foremost. Only once we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes to try and understand their efforts or trials, be they successful or not, can we truly appreciate them for that effort and who they are. And that feels good on both sides.

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