Compound Effect


Can a small change lead to a big difference? A question was asked would you rather be given $1,000,000 up front or $.01 a day doubled daily for 30 days. Before I answer this, I’ve been reading 3 books a month this year. Two books I read on an ongoing basis. They are the books the “Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge” by Mark Batterson. And “Think and Grow Rich Today.” Which has the book “Think and Grow Rich” included and some additional articles by people like my mentor and adopted big brother, Dr. Reggie Cochran. The Project Coordinator for Chuck and Gena Norris. One of the additional books I’ve read is the book “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. This book was explained by one of the leaders in Max, Marcus Schubert,  best in this video: In the compound effect, you or I or anyone does small but consistent steps, you will end up with what you want. Or what you don’t want. Perhaps the best way to picture this is, is with this picture:


You make the initial decision to take some action. And at first you see nothing happening. BUT, you continue to work at it. Like this picture says, you “work with little rewards.” But if you stick with the actions you started, you will reach the reward and achievement you are seeking. Your dreams can become a reality. There are two paths. One leads to success, one to failure. The choice is yours. Initial actions lead to reward and achievement. As long as you don’t quit. Or no action or work which leads to consequences and disappointment. It is best explained by this picture:


Activity leads to results which leads to your lifestyle. Do you like the lifestyle your activities are leading you to? In the beginning I asked a question: One penny doubled daily for 30 days. Or $1 million dollars? How many of you chose the $1 million? A year ago I would have chosen the million dollars. But now I want you to look at one more picture:

1 penny

This shows the power of the compound effect. If this is what happens to a mere penny over 30 days, what can the power of the compound effect have in your life? I challenge you to get this book and read it. And also apply it. Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Compound Effect

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  2. great article Malissa, well done on your commitment to personal development and sharing with others 🙂

    It’s interesting that the total of the 1cent doubling is over $10million

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