Living Life to the Fullest

Everyone who reads this is alive. For right now. But none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. What would you do if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? For me, I am choosing to live my life to the fullest. To make the choices that ill lead me to a fantastic future. To get dirty, make mistakes and learn all I can. Because, you see, even though today MIGHT be my last day on earth, I am going to live as if I have I have another 60 years to go. And I think that we all should live that way. That does not mean I am saying that we should be lazy. Quite the opposite. To live to the fullest you need to set goals. Make plans that will get your life to where you want to be in 6 months and beyond. What do you want out of life? If you realized that today is your last day here would you have any regrets? Or not? Do I have regrets in my life? Absolutely! But am I living my life in such a way that I am changing that? Absolutely! So what do you do to live a life that doesn’t have too many regrets? Well, you can set goals. I set goals primarily once a year, but mid year I also go back and modify them as needed, if they are needed. I set personal goals and I set business goals. In the category of personal goals, I include physical health and spiritual health. What needs to happen in order to be healthier? The same applies to spiritual growth. I also make a list of books that I should read and decide when I am going to read them. It is also important to set aside time to play and relax. You can have the life you want. This picture explains it well:


What do you want to do in life? Hint: if you really want to live a life that will make you happy, learn to make others happy. If you put people first, you will discover that they will work hard to make you happy. Life can be what you want but you need to set goals and make a plan to make it happen. Then follow through. If you want help, let me know. Until next time…



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