Small Changes = Better Life Part 2

The choices you have made up to now have led you to where you are at. Do you like what you have received? If you don’t, you need to look closely at the choices you have made. The average person watches 5 hours of television a day. That  comes out to 35 hours a week. That, my friend, is a lot! Darren Hardy said in “THE COMPOUND EFFECT” “Every decision, no matter how slight, alters the trajectory of your life.” Imagine this: A plane takes off in Los Angeles and with the plan to go to New York City. If he gets off course by 1%, the plane will either end up in Albany or Delaware. If that small change does that, what can a small change do to your own life? So what can you do?

First, figure out what small change do you need to make in your life? Then (and this may surprise you), figure out who you need to become to make this happen! Darren Hardy goes into this very in-depth in his book. But to give you an overview, look at this:

become more

This is a lesson I am now learning. You can become the person who seems to have all the luck. But first, you have to become the person who attracts it. So just become the person who attracts “good luck.” Until next time… and remember, you have greatness within you! So get out there and show it.


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