Small Changes= Better Life Part 3

Scheduling your time. What do you do each day? If you were to look at what you do each day, can you see at a glace what you are doing that will lead you to a successful life? To be honest, for years I had a schedule written out, but I didn’t follow it as consistently as I should. And as a result, my life showed it! But I have learned how important that is. If you don’t schedule your day, your day will dictate how your life goes. One thing I’ve learned to do is to track your day. Take a notebook/notepad and write down what you are doing each day. Write down when you wake up, and then make a notation of when you change activities. This will give you a good “picture” of what you are doing daily. I actually did this activity everyday for a month. Today is June 1st. If you do this everyday for the next 30 days by the end of the month you will have a really good idea of where your time is spent. Tony Robbins said this and it is so appropriate:


Your schedule is important! If you want something to happen, you have to make time for it. So decide that you are going to do what it takes, make a plan to make and make it happen. So how do you make it happen? One, see how your days are spent. Make a list of what you are doing each day. Then make a plan based on that as to what can stay and what needs to go. If you are spending 5 hours a day playing games on Facebook, you need to cut back on that. Same applies to any other game, whether you are on Facebook or any other area. Now, if you are playing games with people physically, keep that by all means. That is building relationships. Next, decide what you want to do. Do you want to be healthier? You will need to do activities that will help that happen. One of those activities may include getting a mentor. In fact, it should! I use on a daily basis this website: It is worth gold! A mentor can help you decide what you need to do to make your dreams a reality! And will also hold you accountable. It is a worthwhile investment.

So for today, pay attention to your time. Do what needs to be done to makes your dreams a reality. You can do it! Like Les Brown says: “You have greatness within you.” Until next time…



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