Small Changes= Better Life, part 4

Since I started this series on small changes to a better life I have focused a lot of this on time. And how you use your time is important. But how does the concept of making small changes get you to a better life in other areas? What about your health? In 2011 I weighted about 256 pounds. Today I am at about 170 pounds. How did I do it? I did it by making small changes. Small changes over time can and will make a difference. And not just in time.

2011 2014

These two pictures were taken of me four years apart. The first one was taken in June of 2011. The second was taken in June of 2014 with my friend and leader in Max International, Chad Statham from Texas. I achieved this goal by making some small but significant changes to my life. In the first picture, I was only able to walk literally across my living room. I was sick constantly. Energy was non-existent. But I learned to change. And I don’t regret it! I feel better than I have in years! So what did I do?

Well, first, I cried out to God, literally! I think on that first day I literally cried for over 30 minutes. And I started following Dr. Don Colbert. I first learned how to change my eating habits. Choosing to eat foods that Dr. Colbert describes as “living foods.” You can read more about that in any of his books. I also started exercising. Initially only by walking. Over time I learned to do stretches as well. I’ve also learned how to connect to healthier people and learned that I am like the 5 people I spend the most time with. I’ve added supplements to my diet and made other changes as well.

It has now been four years. And I’m well on my way to being the healthiest person I can be. And I’m also now teaching others what I’ve done. I don’t talk very often on here about Max International, because that is not my purpose here. But I am connected to it and it is one of the reasons I’m becoming the healthiest person I can be. Here is a picture of what I look like now.


If you begin to make small changes in your life, over time, those small changes will lead to an amazing life. Until next time…And remember what Les Brown says, “You have greatness within you.” You can do it! If I can help, let me know.


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