Public Service Announcement

If a person continuously speaks death over you and tells you things that are hurtful, do you really need that person in your life? Jesus spoke life everywhere he went, even when he was fussing at people. He wanted everyone to be healthy in all areas! And He still does! Learn to set boundaries. Learn to tune words of death out. If someone EVER hits you, I don’t care who it is, GET OUT! If possible, get out before! I have a challenge for those who are in leadership for a network marketing company, make a way for people who are in a abusive relationship (physical or mental!) to get help to get out! It is well known that emotional abuse can lead to physical abuse. If someone comes to you for help, don’t tell them to turn to the government. If they are not physically being abused, it is doubtful the government will help at all. Maybe you can help by helping get this person some extra help to get associates rapidly. Or maybe you can literally help them financially to get out. I don’t know the answers, but one thing I love about Network Marking, is that we are in the business of helping people. It is hard for these families. Please, step up!



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