Priorites and Deciding What is Important

Before your mind can conceive and believe what you want you have to have to decide if you are willing to do what it takes for your dreams to become a reality. Do you want to have your dreams come true? Or are you just saying that you want this? I don’t know what you dream of. But what I do know is this: for your dreams to come true, you have to make them a priority. You have to decide what is important and what needs to happen for your dreams to happen. For example, one dream I have is to reach black belt in Chun Kuk Do. In order to do this I have to do the following steps.

1. I had to decide WHY I want this. By determining this, I will have the motivation I need to push through the times that I want to quit. My why is this:

    1. Because I know I will become healthier in my mind, soul and body.
    2. I believe in this program.
      1. The leaders follow God.
      2. I have personal access to Dr. Reggie Cochran who is one of the leaders and one of my closest friends.

I told Reggie a while back that I wanted him there when I test for black belt in Martial Arts. At that point it was for Tae Kwon Do. But I wanted even at that point to do Chun Kuk Do. I have chosen Chun Kuk Do even though there is no school near me. Since then I’ve started watching The Secret and I know that that movie is true! And since then, I found out that I can do this because there is a school that I can connect to that is online!

2. Then I had to write down the action steps to do this. Here is what I’ve written down.

    1. Get adrenals high enough to begin to train.
      1. Follow my diet.
      2. Take the vitamins I have to take.
      3. Get the rest I need.
      4. Do exactly what I’m told to. Luis wants me to be healthy and he has recovered from this himself. Luis is my friend, Dr. Luis Fuentes. Who is a doctor in Miami, Florida. But is for me, simply a friend. Next month my adrenal test will be re-ran to see where I’m at.
    2. Begin to train when I am healthy enough to do so.
    3. Train with the plan that I will reach black belt and mastery of each skill is required.
    4. Belt ranks in Chun Kuk Do:
      1. White
      2. Gold
      3. Purple
      4. Orange
      5. Blue
      6. Green
      7. Red
      8. Red with black stripe
      9. Black
        1. 10 degrees of black belt
          1. 5th degree black belt and above is considered master rank.
            1. Only Chuck Norris is 10th degree black belt at this time, I can be one also!

I have other goals as well. As I reach a new belt rank beginning at Gold, I will also have a reward for this. Having rewards is incredibly important! They will keep you motivated. But nothing is more important than having your priorities intact. Why do you want what you want? If your why is strong enough, then the priorities will be much easier to set up and along with that, deciding what is important will also be much easier. Steven Covey put it best:


So, are you going to go after the best? Or settle for good? The choice is yours. If I can help, let me know. Until next time. And remember, as Les Brown says, “You have greatness within you.”


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