Public Service Announcement: Part 2

On June 4th I posted part 1 of this., only I thought at that time that it would just a single post.  Since then I’ve been brainstorming on what can be done to effectively deal with domestic violence. No one has the right to abuse another person. With words, actions, or a combination of the two. I’m a network marketer. And on the last post I put a challenge out there to get network marketing companies to step up and address this. But how can this be addressed in a way that can be used by any network marketing company? That is a dilemma. So I started thinking. In network marketing, no matter the company, you have customers and you have associates. Not everyone will be an associate. And some customers will become associates. So what can be done?

Imagine this: Amy is in an abusive relationship. Her significant other is verbally abusive. She wants to get out but doesn’t have a way to. Jack has her convinced that she can’t do anything. Her self-esteem is non-existent. Because he isn’t physically abusive she has no legal recourse. She can’t turn to the authorities. So she turns to her friend who is a network marketer. Her name is JulieAnn. JulieAnn wants to help. But because she is also new JulieAnn goes to some of the leaders in her company. Who agree that they want to help and get to work on a plan that will not only benefit Amy but others in similar situations. Here are 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Amy doesn’t want to join as an associate. So JulieAnn’s company helps her financially get into a new apartment. And gets her some emotional support as well. In time, she will join the company because she saw that the company cared.

Scenario 2:

Amy decides to join as an associate but needs to get an income rapidly. So JulieAnn gives her the money to become an associate and very rapidly with the help of her upline and other leaders, she gets 2 or 3 associates of her own to get an income rapidly. But without much work on her part because she doesn’t have the experience to get this done as fast as possible.

 In another scenario Amy is being physically abused and is beaten bad enough to have to call an ambulance. JulieAnn gets a call from her and comes to her aid. She walks by her side as charges are pressed against Jack. JulieAnn gets Amy to somewhere safe. We assume that Jack knows that Amy will turn to her because they are already friends and JulieAnn’s house wouldn’t be safe. Preferably, if there is a leader that Jack doesn’t know about that is close by Amy can go stay with she will go that direction. If that isn’t an option, Amy will need to find a place to be safe at. That is first. Once Amy is safe, then the same options can be applied.

As network marketers we are in an industry that we connect with people on a personal level. We develop friendships and as a result our businesses grow. We are in a position to help these families. If someone comes to any of us, it is because the trust is already there. I know from first hand experience that asking for help IS NOT EASY. What I’m suggesting can work. If a person (male or female) reaches out for help, please help them. Many of us want to be successful. But are scared to trust anyone. We’ve been betrayed to many times. For many of us all we need, is a help up. And a little help to get started. Thank you.



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