BHAG: Leadership, part 4

I am blessed to have some amazing friends who are also incredible leaders. Reggie Cochran is at the top of this list. But along those lines I have Bill Greenman, Alan Sickman, Chris Lianos, Dean Mathieson and some others as well. What makes them great leaders? Yesterday I spent the day thinking about that. Several things stand out. And it stems from a diagram I posted on the last blog entry:


On this chart there are different levels of leadership. From left to right, you have the Authoritarian leadership, followed by Participative leadership and finally Laissez-fair leadership. In authoritarian leadership, it is almost a dictatorship. But not completely. This is the leader who says do what I say. Period. Don’t ask questions. For some people, this type of leadership is needed. Especially for someone who has no experience in leadership. But then on the opposite end, you have the leader who isn’t a leader. I’ve noticed this especially among leaders who have no experience at all and who are learning. I have been this way. But then I started looking at what were my leaders were doing. Why were they such strong leaders? They don’t have complete control. But they do have a certain level of control. They lead by example and by giving suggestions as well. They work with people by teaching them what they need to learn. “Let’s try this… or this is a way this would work better.” For example, when I was first learning to be a network marketer (and I’m still very much learning), I had no clue as to what I was doing! But I did want to learn. And I was determined to the best leader I could be. Something that is still very much the case. Bill and Reggie are among the first I went to. Down the road I went to others. They led me to leaders such as Eric Worre and “Big Al” Tom Schreiter. They had me read books and watch videos that would teach me this. Basically, they taught me in simple ways to teach others. So that by doing this I could teach others to be successful. Reggie told me once that he could give me a fish or teach me how to fish. By teaching me to fish I could teach others to fish. That is being a leader who requires participation. There are times that I am “given the fish” but more often than not, I am taught to fish.  In closing, I want you to consider this:

crossword 14

An effective leader will lead his team to success by being a motivator. That is what my own leaders do and they are incredibly good at it! Remember, as Les Brown says “You have greatness within you.” So go out and show it to the world. Until next time..


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