Belief in YOURSELF!

Belief in YOURSELF!.


Belief in YOURSELF!

A certain woman was told that she could write and do some things incredibly well. And she realized that she did the things that she was told she could do very easily. But then other people came along and told her that she should focus on other things and let this go. She listened to them and left the things that she loved behind and began to focus on the things she was told to focus on. Over time life continued on. And the dreams that she had were pushed further and further down until the day came that she forgot about them. That was the day that without her realizing it she began to die. But over time as her life went on she gradually began to think back on the times that she was happiest. She began to long for the joy that she had. And gradually some people would come into her life that encouraged her to look at those dreams again. So she did. And gradually she began to revisit those dream until the day came that she decided that she would pursue those dreams again. Only this time the other people wouldn’t stop her. She decided she was worth it. And she could do it.

believe in yourself


I have been working on several different projects for the past couple of weeks. Including learning some new things for becoming an effective leader. Yesterday Reggie posted something that I’ve decided to make into a blog entry.

“Attention all people in a Leadership position…. You have a responsibility to lead your team, business, board (insert whatever you are supposed to be leading) by example. A true leader (who really cares about those they are leading) will have a do as I do lifestyle. Not a do as I say double standard. You are in that position to serve. Not be served. You are in a position to build others up. Not for others to stroke your ego and elevate you. You are there to help create the best results possible based on facts, logic & proven principles. Not create things based on your own personal selfish desires or agenda. You owe it to the people counting on you, to be the best YOU that YOU can be, in all areas of your life possible. If you don’t have your personal life together, it can and many times will, negatively affect your leadership abilities. So if you don’t have self control, ethics or morals, you probably should not be in a position where your decisions affect others. If you can’t walk your talk and lead by example… step aside until you can. If you have skeletons in your closet that are keeping you distracted, depressed, or in continual fear that people will find out about them… step aside until you clean your closet. If you find yourself not making positive changes because you are personally uncomfortable with the changes needed… step aside. If you are not willing to educate yourself as much as possible, before you make decisions that affect others, step aside until you are ready to do so. If you are challenged by other peoples success, instead of looking for ways to help them succeed, step aside until you can. If you are not willing to admit when you make a mistake and are not willing to help correct those mistakes.. step aside. What you want to do with your own life is up to you. But… when you are in a leadership position, it’s up to you to make sure what you do and how you do it, is best for those you are supposed to be leading. In today’s world… we need STRONG leaders that wake up excited to lead by example and serve. But unfortunately… we have too many people in leadership positions that are waking up just to be served…… Reggie Cochran

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