Belief in YOURSELF!

A certain woman was told that she could write and do some things incredibly well. And she realized that she did the things that she was told she could do very easily. But then other people came along and told her that she should focus on other things and let this go. She listened to them and left the things that she loved behind and began to focus on the things she was told to focus on. Over time life continued on. And the dreams that she had were pushed further and further down until the day came that she forgot about them. That was the day that without her realizing it she began to die. But over time as her life went on she gradually began to think back on the times that she was happiest. She began to long for the joy that she had. And gradually some people would come into her life that encouraged her to look at those dreams again. So she did. And gradually she began to revisit those dream until the day came that she decided that she would pursue those dreams again. Only this time the other people wouldn’t stop her. She decided she was worth it. And she could do it.

believe in yourself


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