Motivation: Where Do I Find It?


We all have ” those” days. Days when you just want to give up and throw in the towel and say it just isn’t worth it.  I’ve talked about this before and I knew that the time would come when I would need to address it again. The past couple of  weeks have been challenging to say the least. My kids have started school and to be honest I’ve questioned why am I taking on so much? I’m a writer, have an internet based business that I run, take care of my house, get my kids to and from different activities and just life in general. So what have I been doing to push forward?

  1. I’ve taken some time and just re-evaluated why I’m doing what I’m doing! That is why it’s important to write out your goals.
  2. I’ve talked to some friends and told them what I was struggling with and asked for prayer and for input on how to keep on pushing on.
  3. I  re-read my own blog! Almost all of what I’ve written here has come out of my own struggles. And doing that has reminded me of why I’m doing what I’m doing.
  4. I took some time and listened to some motivational audios. Les Brown and Tony Robbins are among my favorites. I also spend some additional time on World’s Greatest Mentors. Including doing the self-hypnosis that is available there.
  5. I spent some time listening to just some praise and worship music.
  6. I listened to some of my favorite preachers.
  7. I read a book just for fun. This time I read “Before Anne of Green Gables.”
  8. I started a new activity. I’ve joined Toastmaster’s International.
  9. I focused even more on my business.
  10. I got more work done on my book that I’ve been writing. And I’ll actually be done with that by the end of this week!
  11. I wrote out what I’ve accomplished this year.  Seeing in black & white what has been done can be incredibly motivating! And will encourage you to push for more!
  12. I made exercise a priority.

When you want to quit, you have to keep on pushing forward. So keep on pushing on. If I can, ANYONE can! Remember what Les Brown says: “You have greatness within you!”


Priorities: Putting things in Order


What do your priorities look like? Do you have things set up correctly? I am a Christian and that does dictate my priorities to a large degree. My priorities are listed this way:

  1. God: If I expect Him to direct my steps then I have to listen to what He says to me.
  2. Myself! Yes, I put myself as a priority. How can I handle anything else if I’m not taking care of myself?
    1. Priority setting. Is what I’m actively doing taking care of me?
    2. Health: Am I eating what I need to eat to be in the best physical shape I can be in?
    3. Exercise: What am I doing on a daily basis to get off the chair/bed/couch?
    4. Mental health: What am I doing to keep my mind healthy?
      1. That includes having some fun! So what am I doing just for fun?
      2. Growing: I am a learner, I love to learn new things! And this is a priority for me. I am also learning to teach others more effectively!
      3. Meditation/relaxation time. This is  a little different than prayer. While I do pray, I  also take time to just rest and quiet my mind and literally do nothing for a few minutes every day.
      4. Positive affirmations: An incredibly important part of my day. I do it typically first thing every morning.
  3. My kids come next. They are still growing up and I make sure they get what they need.
  4. My husband. I’ve been told that I need  to have him over my kids, but circumstances that I won’t tell here dictate that my kids come before him.
  5. My career. I am a writer and an entrepreneur. If I expect my work to be done, I have to make sure that I do the work. I don’t have a boss, except my calendar. If I expect my goals to be met, I have to do the work. In my work time I have certain things that I have to make sure I get done.
    1. Goal setting! I can’t reach goals that haven’t been set.
    2. Phone calls, and contacting people. In network marketing I have to contact people. Typically people won’t just say “hey I want to join your company.” I do have one person on my team that joined that way, but she is the exception. Not the rule.
    3. Writing. I am writing a novel. It won’t write itself, so I have to do the work.