Priorities: Putting things in Order


What do your priorities look like? Do you have things set up correctly? I am a Christian and that does dictate my priorities to a large degree. My priorities are listed this way:

  1. God: If I expect Him to direct my steps then I have to listen to what He says to me.
  2. Myself! Yes, I put myself as a priority. How can I handle anything else if I’m not taking care of myself?
    1. Priority setting. Is what I’m actively doing taking care of me?
    2. Health: Am I eating what I need to eat to be in the best physical shape I can be in?
    3. Exercise: What am I doing on a daily basis to get off the chair/bed/couch?
    4. Mental health: What am I doing to keep my mind healthy?
      1. That includes having some fun! So what am I doing just for fun?
      2. Growing: I am a learner, I love to learn new things! And this is a priority for me. I am also learning to teach others more effectively!
      3. Meditation/relaxation time. This is  a little different than prayer. While I do pray, I  also take time to just rest and quiet my mind and literally do nothing for a few minutes every day.
      4. Positive affirmations: An incredibly important part of my day. I do it typically first thing every morning.
  3. My kids come next. They are still growing up and I make sure they get what they need.
  4. My husband. I’ve been told that I need  to have him over my kids, but circumstances that I won’t tell here dictate that my kids come before him.
  5. My career. I am a writer and an entrepreneur. If I expect my work to be done, I have to make sure that I do the work. I don’t have a boss, except my calendar. If I expect my goals to be met, I have to do the work. In my work time I have certain things that I have to make sure I get done.
    1. Goal setting! I can’t reach goals that haven’t been set.
    2. Phone calls, and contacting people. In network marketing I have to contact people. Typically people won’t just say “hey I want to join your company.” I do have one person on my team that joined that way, but she is the exception. Not the rule.
    3. Writing. I am writing a novel. It won’t write itself, so I have to do the work.



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