DANCE to Success

Over the past few years I’ve become friends with several people who are black belts in different martial arts areas. While they are black belts in different areas, some qualities stand out that are very important to learn from. And they are incredibly successful at what they do. To be successful you need to DANCE!

You need to DELIVER what you promise. They make commitments to teach their students. That is how they deliver. And they are the best at what they do! That is how they became black belts!

Next, you need to AFFIRM others and be NICE to them. When they say that they are your friend, there is no reason to doubt it! I really enjoy talking to these friends and I am so blessed to be able to call them my friends. There is a saying that to have a friend, be a friend. I truly believe that without friends, you are not successful. Affirming and being nice is so simple! And takes very little time.

You have to be CONFIDENT in what you believe. If you believe you can be successful, you will be! Have confidence and go after what you want. One of my goals that I have no doubt that I will achieve is to become a black belt myself. And I have no doubt that this will happen. What you want to see happen may be hard. You will have to be willing to push through the times that you want to quit, but if you don’t quit, you will become a success!

And finally, you need to be willing to EDUCATE. I home-schooled my kids for 9 years. One of the things I learned is that if you want to know if have mastered something, you need to be able to teach it. Masters show in martial arts that they have mastered it by teaching!  So, DANCE to success! And become a master! Have a blessed 2016!




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