When What You’ve Been Doing Hasn’t Worked

What do you do when what you been doing hasn’t worked as well as you planned? The bible says that A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9) Sometimes our plans don’t come through the way we planned. Does that mean you give up? Of course not. It means that you try another way. In 2015 I made my plans and some of them became a reality. One was that I wanted to make healthier friends. I really did accomplish that goal. I love the new friends I have! If you follow me or are my friend on Facebook earlier today I did an appreciation post on some of them. Sometimes you have to change who you are friends with. In Girl Scouts as a child I learned the song “Make New Friends.” The words to this song are:

“Make new friends,

But keep the old.

One is silver and the other’s gold.”

Both are very valuable. But sometimes you have to let go of friends that really aren’t your friends. Those are the one that are nicknamed “crabs.” These are the ones who will drag you down and keep you down. They have a problem with anyone who better’s themselves. If you have anyone in your life that is that way, do yourself a favor, and get rid of them. You deserve better.

But another goal I set was to get to a certain level in my business. That goal wasn’t reached. But I’m now revising how I can make that goal become a reality in this coming year. I’m getting help from some of my leaders, one who is a new friend also. I’m continuing to pray. And with the new plans I’m not doubting that I will reach this goal.

What goals do you need to revisit? Is what you’ve been doing working? If not, maybe you need to look at another way. Be blessed!


Dreams come true!

Love this from my Canadian friends & leaders, Christian Gingras and Tammy Sellars-Gingras,  currently making their dreams come true in Australia! “She turned her Cant’s into Cans & her Dreams into Plans! Now, that is a cool shirt Tammy!”  And I’m also doing the one next to it… Someone says you can’t ____ PROVE THEM WRONG! (You fill in the blank), for me, I am going to reach Crown Diamond in Max International! Don’t believe me? Well, just keep on telling me I can’t or whatever you want. You are only pushing me forward! And that applies to anyone! If you know what you want, then WRITE out a plan to make it happen! Do you need help? Ask me! If I don’t have the answers (and I don’t all the time) I will ask my own leaders for help. I’m not doing this alone. No one can! Life is what you make it. So if you want to be healthy or have more money or want to be a country star, whatever your dream is, write out a plan (get some help if you need to) and make it happen. It is up to you! No one can do the work for you. BUT if you begin to do the work, you will be amazed at who comes along side you to help push you further. Dreams do come true and not just in Cinderella! And remember to do at least one thing that will push you further to your dreams coming true! If you do one thing to get you closer to making your dreams a reality everyday, then in 1 year you will be 365 days closer to it being a reality. By the way, if you change that to 2 steps, that comes out to 730 steps in one year! Twice as far by doing one more thing! Have a fantastic day!